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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Floor mop update

I got a chance to test out the wow cloth on the swiffer mop. I can still mop the bathroom floor. It doesn't have curled up seams like the rest of the floors. The regular swiffer mop doesn't work when wet. Why? Because the mop is designed to go in all directions easily gliding over a floor. When it's used as wet it sticks to the floor and flips upside down. This mop is best kept as a dry dust mop. The cloth can still be washed and used again and again. I like the fleece covers better than the wow ones for dusting. Fleece (or scrap batting) picks up much more dust.

The Clorox ready mop worked much better with wet wow cloth but it will take some getting used to. The mop is designed to use in a forward and backward motion only. I'm used to using a regular mop in a side to side motion. This mop works like the mops with the square sponge on them. You know.... like the sad Mr. Mop that's always singing "baby come back" in the commercials.

The liquid in the bottle (when full) makes the mop very heavy. I can get around this in a couple of ways. I can partially fill the bottle or I can put the liquid in a squirt bottle instead of the on board bottle. The wow cloth worked great. I'll do the velcro strips differently next time. One side will be completely on the cloth and the other side will be a tab. In fact, I may frog stitch these and re sew one side to make it easier to put a diaper on the mop.

It's best if the wow cloth is dampened before putting it on the mop. It works better than starting with a completely dry cloth. These wow cloths pick up lots of water. The floor is almost dry when the mopping is done if I don't saturate the floor too much. I found it best to treat it as damp mopping the floor instead of completely wet mopping.
When my new floors are installed I'll give the mop a really good test over the whole house to see if I really do like it better.

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