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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Next quilt is finished

It took some more stand and stare time but I figured out how to quilt it. Now that it's done, I like the quilting even more.

The overall look of the piecing is like floating squares so I did more floating squares with the quilting. Just to make it more interesting I added some angles too.

Every now and then I added a circle for more interest and to break up the monotony of all angles.

On the border I did alternating lines to give the impression of squares.

Here's a view from the back to show the look of the quilting. What do you think? Does it work?

The floor guy was here yesterday, my daughter and Ladybug were here yesterday, a customer was here yesterday, my brother was here yesterday, a customer called to talk awhile yesterday, my sister called to talk awhile yesterday, a friend called to talk yesterday too. All at different times. It's amazing to me that I actually got the quilt done with so many people stopping by or calling. Luck was on my side.

I see the friends are back on all the blogs. At first I thought I had done something to make everyone disappear from my blog. Then I noticed the friends were gone on all the blogs I visit. I figured it had to be something blogger was doing so I stopped trying to fix it.
Hmm.... I guess I need to figure out which quilt is next and get started. In about a week the floor guys will take over the house for three or four days so no quilting will get done then.


kathi said...

LOVE the quilting on that quilt. REALLY nice. perfect for the quilt. LIKE it a LOT.

Trish said...

The quilting definately works! It looks great.

Theresa said...

Before you quilted it, I was having trouble with the top, it seemed pretty disconnected. But now it flows as groups of floating squares. The circles add interest, too. This is a good example of the difference the right quilting can make in the overall design.