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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lost count

I lost count of how many quilts left to do. I've had two or three come in and some gone out. The tops just coming in are some I promised to do (many months ago) no matter when the tops got finished. A promise is a promise so they are here waiting. The toppers are people with sudden health issues that created a problem getting tops finished.

This is the current finished top. The one I had to take off the machine for awhile so I could finish the deadline quilt.

I had a little quilter's mental block when it came to deciding what to quilt on it so I was a little relieved to set it aside for awhile. The odd shape of the pieces were the problem. You see the long narrow piece on the right side of the block? I knew I wanted one design on there but that left me with "what do I do with the other?" thoughts. More "stand and stare" and I saw it as a nine patch with narrow strips top and bottom. You see what I mean? So I did a design that would work on a nine patch then added an element to go onto the narrow strips.

Here's a look at the design from the back. Maybe you can see the nine patch a little better. I think it worked out fine.

A simple feather design on the outside border. A flower, leaf, and curl design on the inside border.

A view of those from the back.

Oh dear.... another stand and stare quilt. The next top is another of those that have me thinking.... what do I quilt on that? Stand and stare won't pay the bills. If the machine is not moving, I'm not earning any money. I do have some thinking time before I start the design. I'll do the stabilizing today while my mind works to come up with the quilting.

The blocks flip flop which creates a whole other design issue.

Comment replys? If you comment on my blog but have your "no comment reply" turned on then I can't type talk with you. To rnmom.... I love touching the quilt when the quilting is done. There's an attraction to the quilt that draws my hand straight to it. I love the texture that's created.

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