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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's starting to look like home again

During my forced time away from the quilting machine I did a lot of cleaning out. Gosh, it's really looking sooo much better in the house now. I don't feel like I'm living in a garage anymore. It feels more like a home. I don't feel so crowded and uncomfortable like I did just a week ago.

My brother and I decided to rent a booth at the new Peddler's Mall on Dixie Highway. For those who don't know; its like a giant flea market or yard sale except that you don't have to be there to make sales. Everything is handled for you. You just price your stuff and put it in the booth. We plan to keep it for three more months.... sell all we can.... then close it. Anything not sold will be given to the thrift store or put into a dumpster.

He had a lot of tools and golfing stuff. My SIL had a lot of knick knacks and I had a lot of quilting stuff. Most of my stuff is package batting that has set for a number of years because none of my customers requested it in their quilts. It's a shame to sell wool or cotton batting at such low prices. Oh well, it's out of my way now. I doubt that we will sell much. We'll probably just about break even on enough sales to pay the booth rental but that's ok with us.

I had company on Sunday and Monday while my daughter was in the hospital. My daughter had a severe case of tonsillitis. She's been on antibiotics for over a month. Stronger drugs through an IV seems to be clearing it up. Ladybug wanted to sweep and clean the studio first. She gets so serious about her chores in the studio. It's hard to believe she's not even two yet. It's like a miniature little old lady.

After the cleaning was done she had a fit to play with some fabric and threads. The intake table is the perfect place to sort and play with fabrics.

Ok, the quilting stuff all done.... it's time to check out NaNa's toy cabinet.

I'm going to do as much quilting as I can before the crew comes to put in new flooring. I'm not sure what day they will start. I hope its in a couple of days.

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kathi said...

when ladybug is done swiffering your studio, can she come help me in mine? WHAT A CUTIE PIE she is. Give her an extra hug from me.