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Monday, November 17, 2008

Yup, it's another finished quilt. I now have 6 quilts waiting for me to do the binding. I'll probably do them this week.

A view of the border design and the sashing design.

A closer view of the sashing design.

Line dancing on the blocks.

A view of the sashing and border designs from the back.

A view of the block from the back.

After I finished that quilt I put this one on the machine. It's the lone star I finished putting together a few weeks ago. The star points were already made when I got this one. I merely measured, cut, and added the corner squares, side triangles, and outside border. The fullness of the star points prevented me from getting it to stay flat on the machine.

After an hour of doing what I could, I decided to discuss the problem with the owner. Even though taking it apart to do over would mean it's no longer the work of her mother but would become my work; she's decided she would rather have it taken apart and remade. I agree with the decision. I can't justify putting large tucks into the design because that would look awful.
I'm sure the original piecer will be looking down from heaven and whispering in my ear as I take it apart and remake it. The problem of the extra fullness is probably the reason it wasn't finished. I'm happy I can be the one to finish the ufo. The owner has agreed to let me keep this one until after xmas to finish so I won't be rushed.
I got an email yesterday from one of my blog readers telling me that sometimes it's the parents who are asking the child for financial help. Thank you! I must confess that this had never occured to me. I can see how it could happen and is an eye opener for me. Sometimes it's the child who is the frugal one and the parents aren't.

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