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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another finished quilt. I worked two long days instead of three short ones in order to get it finished. The days keep moving faster toward the xmas deadlines. I'm like a hampster on the wheel. I move faster and faster. I can't finish them all but I want to do all that I can. It was a really nice sunny day. The late evening sun is shining through the window as I take the pictures. The nice 70 degree days won't last because it's November.

I did a nice design on the outside border.

A leafy heart vine on the inside border.

A feather design and leaves on the blocks.

A view from the back.

Another view from the back.

I believe it's a really good custom quilting done and it's finished earlier than expected. Maybe I can go sit outside a little while as the sun sets.
When all of a sudden..... there it was.....

The one thing that could put a dark cloud on the other wise really nice sunny day. A tuck in the backing. Gee whiz! Yes, machine quilters make issues on quilts too.

Can you guess what I will be doing today?

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