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Monday, November 10, 2008

T-shirt memory quilt

The t-shirt quilt is done except for the binding. The owner of this quilt gave me permission to create and quilt it any way I wanted. I like the way a t-shirt quilt looks when none of the pieces are the same size.

I used the circle lord cross hatching template to create the stitching design. I like it. I will definitely use this design again on something else.

The next quilt is being made from these clothing. Another memory quilt of a mother.

I got as far as the finished blocks before I left for guild meeting. Next will be to add the sashing on the blocks before putting it all together.

I have another quilt top on the machine ready to quilt today. I will piece more of the quilt this evening after I put in a day of quilting. I will need the owner of the clothing quilt to see the finished top before I actually do the quilting though. It will be the last chance to make any changes before the quilting gets done.
I almost got into a panic mode while watching a little TV last night as I worked. I saw an advertisement for a series of movies to be aired called.... 25 days of Christmas. 25 days?! Oh my! Then I realized the series doesn't start for a few more days. Whew.... thank goodness. Although it still reminds me that there's a lot of work to be done in a very short time.
Best to get started now..... the work won't get done without me.


SandyQuilts said...

It's beautiful. I hope you'll post a full photo of the quilt when you're done. I really like the cross hatching ... another reason why I need the CL. LOL

Gwen Jones said...

I love the quilt. Great blog, BTW.