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Friday, November 7, 2008

Do overs

It took me all day; but, I did pick out the stitching and got rid of the tuck. Here's the quilt back on the machine. I've basted the edge and sewn the spine of the feather.

Here it's all stitched again.

A check to be sure the tuck was truly gone.

I have myself a reminder note, written on a piece of paper, stuck on the wall, beside my machine, in a place where I should see it every time I walk behind my machine. It's been there so long that I see it.... but I don't see it. It doesn't remind me anymore. Know what I mean?
It reads..... Anita, remember your schedule! If you don't have time to quilt it right the first time.... how will you ever find the time to pick it out and do it over?
I need to make that reminder note more visible again!

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