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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've seen bloggers all over the place doing quilt journals. It's sometimes done with fabrics in book size. Where they actually create a tiny quilt each day. It's sometimes done on paper in self made books. I'm fascinated that the people can keep up with quilting, blogging, and journals while making it look so easy.

I do my own sort of journal that looks like this.....

I use wax paper to audition designs on the quilts I do. I come up with several designs then choose the one that I feel works best.
I keep most of the pieces of wax paper for future reference. But........ how can I keep them in a book without re drawing? I have a ton of wax paper pieces with drawings on them. The problem is that I tend to fold the paper drawings up in bunches and stash them away. Then forget I have the drawings when I'm looking for ideas.
This is one of the projects I'm planning for after the rush season when I start my annual reorganizing. I want to come up with a way to save all my wax paper drawings and make them more accessible and easy to view. I'm not sure how just yet but there has to be a way.
Then there are the designs I just seem to do on a quilt without any auditioning. The designs that just kind of pop into my thoughts. I would like to keep those for future reference too. There has to be an easy way to record those for future inspiration without redrawing them?
Oh well, this is something I can think about as I keep working on the current quilt. I hope to finish it today.

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