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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I finished another two day quilt.

A different kind of border design.

A feather type design on the blocks.

Curlies on the inside border.

A view of the block from the back.

A view of the border from the back.

I got some disturbing news yesterday afternoon. My nephew's daughter is ten year old and is in Children's Hospital for wanting to commit suicide. Ten year old children aren't supposed to be thinking like that. I'm so thankful she had the good sence to tell someone she wanted to go to the hospital. What's even more disturbing is to hear there is a five year old in the hospital for the same thing. Five years old! Geeze. What is the world coming to when the children think like this??
Children are supposed to be...... well..... like children. Playing and having fun. They should not be thinking of killing themselves. When my son committed suicide he was fourty years old. Hearing about my grandniece has me thinking of him again. Could I have prevented it if I had known? I have to keep reminding myself..... I can't change the past.... I can only remember, accept, and keep going.

Today I plan to work on an easier quilt. The waiting list is slowly getting shorter. But.... the days remaining till Christmas get shorter too.

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