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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One more finished quilt. This one got the Circle Lord fan design on it.

A closer view.

The next quilt is one of those large ones that will take me two or three days to finish.
Last evening, a few minutes after my daughter left here. she called me crying. I kept saying what's wrong, what's wrong and she wouldn't answer? She was also talking to someone there so she said she would call me back. Naturally, I'm thinking the worst. Thinking she's had an accident. For a good fifteen minutes I pace the floor wondering how bad it is. Is anyone hurt? Is her car drive able? What hospital are they going to? Can I get there? That sort of thing.
When she finally calls me back she tells me she got pulled over by the police. It liked to scared her to death. She's only been pulled over once in her life and that was just after she first got her lisence when she was sixteen. Back then it was a case of racial profiling and the police were mistaken. If you've never been pulled over by the police for your race, had guns pointed at you, then you don't know how scary it is. She was traumatized for weeks afterwards.
Last evening it was for expired tags. Whew.... what a relief! After fifteen minutes of thinking the worst it was nice to know it was only for expired car tags.
Now what makes this story interesting is that my daughter had the opportunity to go get her tags last month but didn't. I had told her that she would regret not getting the tags on the day she had the opportunity. When she called me last evening she said all she could think about was my words from that day..... "Babygirl, you're going to regret not getting those tags."
"Mom, why are you always right?" Hmmm.... maybe because I've been there and done that?

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