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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Today's finished quilt. A charm square exchange quilt.

A formal feather was stitched on the outside border. A curl design on the inside border.

Another view of the borders.

A leafy design was put on the sashing.

Another view of the sashing and the line dancing done on the pieced center.

Well, I hope I finally have my computer fixed. It did a hard crash right after my last post over the weekend. I had posted that last weekend was a holiday weekend. When I realized that was wrong I went to open the post to edit it...... nothing..... completely blank computer. No little icons to click on.... no color to the screen.... all gone.

On Monday a computer guy came to work on it. He had to take it to the shop. He had to do a hard crash on it and wipe everything clean to start all over. It seems I have three hard drives. (plenty of memory) But the computer was running off the smallest drive only..... and not working with the other two.

So now I have a completly empty computer ready for me to reinstall all my software. But Hey! I do have my photo editing software installed. The one I wanted so very much to have so I can do portrait quilts. The computer guy put that one on for me. If only..... I had the time to sit and learn how to use it. Not right now though. Tooooo many tops waiting in line for the quilting machine.

I never could get my disk drive to work so I couldn't make back up copies with it. I lost all computer copies of everything.... including photos. I will have to redo all my business forms but I was going to redesign them all anyway. Just not right now. I had a lot of things in ms word. So much that I can't even remember what for sure.

The computer certainly does run much faster, quieter, and smoother than before. It could be that way because there's nothing on it anymore. I had about 5 years worth of photos and other things on it which are now gone. Photos take up lots of space on a computer.

I have a cheat sheet for how to do backups onto disk so that's going to be a regular routine for me. The computer guy said the reason I couldn't use the cd's to make backups was because the software to run it was installed onto a hard drive that my computer wasn't working with. I probably couldn't have used it if I had known how.

Well I would love to sit here and tell you more about what's different with my computer but I have a ton of things to get done today. Oh, by the way, I got all the paperwork from the other day sorted and filed into a small file box. Most of it was shredded because I didn't need it anymore.

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