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Monday, July 28, 2008

I had planned to work an a quilt over the weekend but got sidetracked by a trip to Meijer to take advantage of their 10 for $10 sale. Then on to the farmers market. I spent most of Saturday evening and Sunday preparing and putting the produce in the freezer. Then cleaning out the cabinet under my kitchen sink so I could have more storage space for the stuff I bought.

I know.... I know.... I don't usually go to the grocery but every 3 or 4 months but this sale I couldn't pass up. I got a year's supply of dish soap for free using coupons plus some other items for my grocery stash. I also helped my daughter pick out items on her grocery list and showing her how to find the best deal with coupons. By the time she had gotten everything on her list; she had bought $229 worth of groceries for only $43. She also got a $10 cash coupon on her grocery receipt to be used for her next shopping trip. Needless to say she was all excited about our trip.

While my daughter took her grocery stash home to put away, I kept baby Jewell. Keep in mind she just turned 5 months old. I put her in her crib for a little play time.... I turn around and just look what she'd done. I'm so glad the camera was handy.

She was trying to get to the furkids. Now keep in mind none of my kids ---or grandkids that I know of--- were this advanced at this age. At 5 months my kids were still trying to master sitting up and crawling. My kids didn't pull themself up until they were 7 or 8 months old.

The daycare said she's been doing this for about a week. They had to get her a different crib. She also has a vocabulary. Na Na, Ma Ma, Da Da, Ba Ba, and is trying to whistle. Trust me, whistling without teeth is not easy, but she's giving it a try anyway.

The trouble with me babysitting her now is that she bores easily. I got out a plastic jar and put some pennies in it for a rattle. I showed her how to shake the jar to make it rattle. You should have seen her learning this. It was so funny to watch. Within a few minutes she had it mastered and became bored again. So I had to find other things to keep her mind busy. Out came some pots and spoons for making noise. This along with the rattle kept her busy for awhile.

So how is a grandmother with average knowledge supposed to keep an easily bored child entertained for long periods of time? I'm not sure.... but I can hardly wait for when she is old enough to push the pedal on a sewing machine! Hmm.... maybe I should start thinking about a booster seat for the quilting machine chair too.

Today I'm going to stay at the quilting machine and get as far on the quilt as I possibly can. I still have some mushrooms to prepare and put into the freezer. I believe they can wait until the end of the day.


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