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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vintage quilts

Today's finished quilt. A log cabin.

I did a curl on one inside border and loops on another inside border and a leaf design on the outside border. This lady has Parkinsons so it is very difficult for her to piece. I'm always happy to do my best to quilt her tops square and flat. I love the challenge of beginner quilts and quilts of the handicapped piecer.

I did the Circle Lord square dance on the cabins to take up the fullness of the pieced area.

Here's a view from the back. I used a light purple thread color so the design would show up better on the back.

I also took in some vintage quilts yesterday to be quilted. Another of my favorite challenge quilts. One was a crazy quilt that has me very curious about the foundation fabric used on the back. At first I thought it might be a very old preprinted block pattern for maybe trapunto or ribbon applique.

But it has this writing in the center of what would be the block. Now my curiosity is really aroused. I want to know more about these fabrics.

I looked at the fabric closer and thought it might be a preprinted piece for making hankies which ladies always carried back then. Or maybe a pattern for cutwork embroidery doilies.

Then I thought maybe it was a pattern for a lace collar because some of the fabrics had curves like for a neckline.

Doesn't this one look like a quilt block or a hankie?

Doesn't this look like the curve of a collar?

And this one look like a lace doily?

Now my curiosity has really got me going. I want to find out what these pieces of fabric were originally intended to be used for. The crazy pieces on the front looked like they were from silk shirts, dresses, and neckties but may have been tobacco silks. I didn't see any advertizements on the fabrics though so I'm inclined to believe the fabrics were from shirts and dresses. The foundation pieces might have been from a salesman's sample case.

Before I quilt this top I want to find out if I should leave it like it is for awhile. It would be a shame to quilt these inside the quilt if it has historic value. Some historian may want to take pictures of the foundation fabrics before its quilted. If anyone reading my blog recognizes any of those fabrics would you please let me know what they are? Hmmm.... maybe I could contact the AQS museum?

Time for me to get to work. I have a top on the machine that may take me several days to finish. I'm stabelizing it before doing the quilting.

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Bethany said...

I think I would get it checked out as well.