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Sunday, June 29, 2008

No quilting going on this weekend. It's a holiday weekend and I shouldn't be working. I've been trying to locate one document in all this mess. I decided that since I'll never be picked for an episode of Mission Organization that I would do my own version anyway. I have no idea how people get picked for those shows but I sure would love to have them choose me.

I decided to sort and trash what isn't needed anymore. Then put the rest into smaller organizing projects that can be managed in short periods of time. As you can see I'm making progress.

It's all been gone through and separated into different stacks by type.

The papers and such are partly quilting related things and partly personal stuff. I did find the one document I really needed. Tomorrow I can finish the paperwork for my mother's annual renewal for the nursing home. Most of the stuff was just not put where it should have been. Photos go in one place, banking and bills go in another, books and magazines go somewhere else, and that sort of thing.

Yesterday my paperwork organizing was interrupted by my daughter. She's ready to take me to the hardware store if I still need to go. Well of course I still need to go! She knew I hadn't gone on the bus. I only asked her a week ago to take me. It's times like this.... waiting on her schedule.... that make me wish I hadn't given away my car. I would love to just jump in the car and get what I need, when I need it, on my own schedule and not someone else's schedule. Oh, and by the way, could I babysit for the night? Ah ha! Now I know why she is ready to take me to the hardware.

A good thing did come out of our trip yesterday. Our trips give us time to really talk to each other. Our subject of conversation was about her growing up in a very poor household. One of the things that can happen is that the child grows up to rebel against the lifestyle. They tend to become hyper spenders. Spending money as soon as they have it. Or worse, getting credit cards and going into debt. They want to show the world they have money to spend...... even though its really only debt.

My daughter asked me to explain how I had managed to feed us and keep a roof over our heads when she was growing up. She knew my income barely paid the bills; yet, I managed to have plenty of food and such and we were happy. Simple dawling.... coupons, yard sales, canning, scratch cooking, staying organized, bartering, and very careful pennies management.

I feel very proud today! She's asked me to teach her everything I know about living frugal. My daughter has decided to become a penny pincher like her Moma. Can you imagine how big my heart has swelled with pride? She finally understands why it's important to spend money wisely instead of spending just because its in her pocket. You know what I mean? The habit of instant gratification spending.

I believe most of her desire to learn is based on our economy and the cost of gas. I've always told her.... sometimes Mom knows what she's talking about. With everything becoming more expensive, she's finally understanding that her growing up lifestyle wasn't so bad after all. I don't care what the reason..... I only care that she wants to learn from me.

I remember once, when my kids were young, I said something to one of the boys... which made me pause to think. I told myself.... oh my gosh, I've become my mother! You think my daughter has reached that stage in her life?

She says she wants to learn everything from coupons to canning to sewing. But.... not quilting. (smile) That will change when sees the advantage to knowing how to quilt.

I'm getting off the computer now so I can finish the paperwork organizing before the baby wakes.

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jhwolf said...

Oh the joy when our kids realize we aren't quite as dumb as they thought! Congratulations for planting those seeds that frugal isn't so bad.

You have made me take a look at my sewing room and that is my plan for the day....clean this room. Maybe after cleaning I can get out of this funk I have been in the last couple of days.

I'm also anxiously awaiting pictures of your window quilts. I've got a skylight that needs covered in the summer and what I'm using at the moment leaves a lot to be desired. I have been thinking of making a quilt to completely cover it that can be removed in the winter when the sun is enjoyable.

Judy in MO