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Monday, July 28, 2008

Mom is smarter than she thought!

Just in case you are not convinced yet that coupons are worth using; I thought I would show you how my daughter did on our Saturday shopping trip. I bought a few items; but, mostly I was showing her how a coupon system works. I've done coupons and rebates for so many years it's second nature to me.

These are only 3 of her 4 receipts. I hope you can see these well enough. You should be able to click on the photos to get a larger view. I'm hoping you can at least see the final totals. My batteries were low and she needed to hurry. She took the receipts home with her so she can show her friends at work.

Please note: about the manufacturers rebates... these must be sent for and are received in about 6 to 8 weeks. But hey..... its money coming back on purchases. You have to follow the directions very carefully or you'll get a rejection letter.

This first receipt:
Total of items is $50.71
minus coupons of $8.62
equals $42.09
minus store instant rebates $23.96
equals $18.13
plus tax of $1.46
equals $19.59
Minus a manufacturer's rebate of $5.98 on two of the items
equals $13.61
Minus another manufacturer's rebate of $4.59 on two other items
equals a total of $9.02 for the $50 dollars worth of items.

Next receipt:
Total of items $4.77
minus coupons of $4.50
equals $.27
plus tax $.14
equals $.41 cents for these

Next receipt:
Total of items $7.96
minus coupons $7.96
plus tax $.06
equals a total of .06 for these items
Plus there is a manufacturer's rebate of $5.98 which means she will gain for buying her items. In about 6 or 8 weeks her rebate checks should arrive giving her extra money to put into her grocery budget.

Our Saturday trip got my daughter about $229 worth of groceries at 4 stores for a total of $43 before the rebates. Plus she got a $10 coupon off her next shopping trip at one store making her final total of all the items a mere $33. She will gain about $30 in rebates which she can use for future shopping trips. So if you do the math you will see she is actually out of pocket only about $3 for all of her Saturday purchases after her rebates.
Every item she bought was a national brand item.... not generic. She only shopped as normal and I searched my coupon stash and rebate forms as she picked things up to put in her cart. Only occasionally did I ask her to switch to a different national brand because there was a rebate for it. She bought things just like she would have before she decided "Mom is smarter than she thought". You should have seen the big smile she had when it all clicked just how much it actually cost for doing her normal shopping.
You can find coupons on just about anything you want to spend your money on.... if you take the time to look for the coupon. Now do you see how I manage to spend only an average of $10 per week?

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