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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Money Dummy

Recently I came across a blog or maybe its a website that has lots of advice about saving money. It's called the Money Dummy. Strange name for someone so smart about finances.

I saw she is suffering from a kind of burn out too. That seems to be going around a lot lately with all types of professions.... not just in the quilting world. It's just my personal opinion; but, I believe the price of gas (or the economy) is the culpret! Well heck, everything else is blamed on the price of gas.... why not blame our stress too? Hmmm.... you think I could get away with adding a gas related stress charge to my quilting prices? Naw.... the customers have enough to worry about right now.

Sooooo many people have become really stressed and worried. Now their body is starting to react to all that stress and saying..... hey, I need to slow down. It's telling them.... I'm burned out. I need fuel for the soul.

Very similar to the stress professional quilters feel when we near the end of the Christmas rush season. From July through December we are in high gear rushing to make sure all the customer quilts get finished on time until our bodies say... enough already!

Somehow I think my body never got over the Christmas rush of 2007. Or maybe it was all the stress of the birth of the new grandbaby and the illness I suffered in early spring. I don't seem to have been bothered very much about the cost of gas. I got plenty of food. I don't own a car so no problem there. I do worry about the cost of my utility bills this winter if I don't get my window quilts finished in time.

Heck, I worry more about my kids making it through this energy crisis than for myself. I've been through all this before... back in my younger years.... time after time..... so I just continue my habits as before.

With sooooo much internet information these days you can find just about anything you want to know. So if you are worried about your finances go check out the Money Dummy or do a google search with the words frugal living. It could keep you busy for days just reading all the helpful hints to live cheaper.

As for me..... I'm gonna go watch the season final of Deadliest Catch to see how Captain Phil is doing. Anyone got any free tickets to Alaska they don't want? I could visit Captain Phil and his sons when I visit my grandkids.

Just kidding. I really want to see that pretty blue boat and maybe get my picture taken in front of it. My grandkids live in Juneau where that boat is supposed to be docked.


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