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Saturday, July 26, 2008

No finished quilt pictures today. The one on the machine is a surprise for someone who might be reading my blog. It's going to take me at least 3 more days to finish. I'll probably work on it all weekend. I'll post pictures of it after it's owner sees it.

I finished the pillow covers and got those into the mail. All the finished quilts were picked up. I'm hoping that by the end of July I've gotten caught up on everything and back on schedule.

I spent a few minutes this morning going around the blog ring. Gee, everyone is so busy. They are getting lots and lots of things done. I don't see how they accomplish so much in such a short time. Some have even started putting little videos on the blogs. Gosh, just think how helpful my other blog would be if I could learn to put some videos on it!

Oh well, it might happen..... someday..... when I've got the time to learn. For now I'm still trying to find time to learn about photoshop. Technology moves too fast for me. Just when I figure out how to do what everyone else is doing; there is a new something out that has become the rage. I just can't keep up..... it moves much too fast for an old lady to learn.


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