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Friday, July 11, 2008

I still have this one on the machine.

As you can see it's getting lots of quilting on it.

I figured it would take me all week to finish it and I seem to have been right. I hope to get it all done by the end of today or at the latest on Monday. I looked at my waiting list yesterday. Due to all the events happening in my life the last few months, I'm about 2 months behind schedule. My Christmas rush season officially starts in July.... geeze, it sure does feel like the rush... more than ever before.

I had to laugh yesterday. A customer called me to get onto my waiting list. I explained that I'm booked up through the end of the year. She replies.... that's ok, I don't need it until November. I gotta change the way I tell people I'm not taking anymore names for this year.

I stopped working a little early yesterday in order to search my stash for some fabrics. I need the fabrics for a class I'm taking on Saturday at a LQS. I really shouldn't be taking the time away from my machine right now. I couldn't resist taking this class though. In order to take the class I've set aside one of my fair entry quilts. It won't get finished for this year.

The class is about creating photos in fabric. The teacher is Julianne Kravetz from Lexington. Just about everyone knows by now that I want to create portrait quilts more than anything. I want to create them so much that's its very hard to concentrate on other things like eating or cleaning or quilting customer quilts. No way would I miss taking a class that comes here instead of me having to travel out of town.

I will also get to see one of the girls from the Nice Ladies group again. She's taking the class too. I'm looking forward to that.

I had the strangest dream last night about the class I'm taking Saturday. I dreamed I made a mask from a paper bag. You know the kind kids do by cutting holes for eyes then putting it over their head? Well, I used fabric to make stringy hair on my mask. I drew eyebrows and rosey cheeks and a big goofy grin. Then put it on to go to the class. I also had a big floppy hat and big clown sized sun glasses. On my chest was a sign that said.... "This is not Anita. I'm her twin sister. She's still at home quilting your quilt."

I can't figure out what's up with blogger lately. It keeps changing the spacing between the paragraphs. Adds bunches of extra lines in some places and takes them all out in other places.

Time for me to get to work....

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Trish said...

Your quilting is beautiful, as always. Enjoy the class, you deserve it. I can't wait to see your first portrait quilt.