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Friday, July 4, 2008

Mental picture here..... me doing the Snoopy Happy Dance! Lookie, lookie.... see what I got!

It's brand new! It's Energy Star! It's empty.... bummer.

It really is bigger than it looks in the picture. I had to stand on the other side of the room to get a full photo of it. I'm so excited! Lady Luck smiled on my daughter and me a couple of days ago.

After several years of wishing I could replace my freezer that quit working.... I finally have one! By sheer accident my daughter and I found a really fantastic deal on it. It was on sale because it's discontinued. It was the floor sample so it was even further discounted. There was still a rebate on the purchase so we get some money back in about 4 weeks. We split the cost so I could afford it. There is a tax credit for buying new energy efficent appliances so next year we get more benefit from buying it. Wow! What a deal. Yes, Lady Luck surely did smile on us.

Now all we have to do is start filling it up. I have it running just to be sure there isn't a problem since it was a floor model. It never was turned on in the store so I can't see why there would be a problem but I'm not taking any chances with foods yet. It also needs to get down to its normal freezing temperature. We are keeping it here instead of at my daughter's place because she doesn't have the room and doesn't want to worry about moving it when she gets another apartment.

I spent so much time emptying the cabinets that used to stand there and moving them somewhere else that I didn't get finished with the quilt on the machine yesterday. I will get it finished today and start another one.

I did take time this morning to post to my other blog. I hope some people will take a few minutes to read it. I'm doing my best to get back to normal after so much time lost with my grandaughter's illness and then my own. Now that I've shown you my new freezer I guess I best get to work. Can you guess what my thoughts will be today? Here's just a couple that I've had already. When was it that beef or chicken should be on sale again in this area? When should the vegetable harvest season start? Do I have enough ingredients to make some pies? I've got to find my notes! So many thoughts.......................

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