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Monday, June 23, 2008

No pictures today. I'm still working on the double wedding ring quilt. Stitch in the ditch around all those arcs is going slowly.

I had one person show up for the Saturday class. I learned as much from her as I believe she learned from me. I showed her how to do line dancing. Watching her practice gave me ideas for how to do the class differently the next time.

The shop owner and I talked about options for a newer machine and having a room dedicated to teaching machine quilting. She likes the idea and is willing but doesn't know about machine quilting. I have to do more research to give to her before she makes a final decision. I just hope we can come together on a decision soon.

Before I can spend time doing research I have to get myself back on track with my own work. I took a look at my waiting list last night. I'm way behind schedule. About 16 to 20 quilts behind schedule. That's a lot of work! I'll have to put in lots and lots of over time for a few weeks to get caught up. I feel like a hamster on one of those little wheels. I keep running but I don't get anywhere.

So with this said I'm headed into the studio.

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