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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm feeling better but still very weak. This illness has left me feeling weaker than those of the past. I guess as I get older its harder to shake off an illness. I seem to get every flu or virus that comes along. I've been that way my whole life.... if it goes around.... I will get it too.

I had to set my priorities of first things first when getting myself back to work. First thing was to pick the cherries from my back yard tree before I lost them all to the mocking birds. I put 12 quarts in the freezer. There is still a lot of cherries but too high for me to reach. The tree is too tall and the branches too small to climb. The mocking birds will get about 12 quarts too.

Speaking of freezers.... my deep freeze died about 15 years ago and I haven't been able to replace it since. Every time I think I've saved enough to buy a new one something happens to take the money. I thought I had finally hidden and saved the money one more time.... guess what? The fresh water in my kitchen is brown. I think I have a broken water line which is letting dirt get into the line. It's very unhandy to go to the bathroom to get water for dishes or cooking. Once again.... there goes the freezer money. I had picked out such a nice one too.... very nice and large frost free upright. Sigh...... Sigh..... Sigh....... Oh well, life is life and things happen. Just another boulder in my path to step around.

Here are today's finished quilts. This is the one I was working on before I got sick. I finished it up and will call the owner today.

These quilts are very time consuming to do. The preprinted lines are for hand quilting and not continuous line. This means lots of stops and starts! Stopping and starting every two or three inches takes lots of time and thread.

The preprinted designs are very pretty though.

People don't know it but these quilts are being done all wrong by everyone cross stitching one of them. The layers were supposed to be put together and basted before the cross stitching is done. These are supposed to be reversible quilts. The cross stitching is supposed to show on both sides and act as part of the quilting. Also, the printed stitching lines are only the guides. There is supposed to be additional stitching done between the printed ones. But.... these are meant for hand stitching instead of machine quilting. Shhhh.... don't tell my customers.

Ok, I finished that one and then did this one. It is gorgeous!! No you won't be able to see the stitching. The owner didn't want the stitching to show and I agree with her reasons.

I used clear thread to stitch in the ditch around the pieces and black thread to meander the back ground. Owner's choice was to keep it looking like an actual stained glass window instead of like a quilt. There isn't any stitching on the pieces. I love this so much I've put it down on my list of future quilts to make. Maybe I can borrow the book. Then again..... maybe I'll get to all my ufos and pigs someday.

I should go answer some emails but I think I need to lay down for awhile again before starting my work day. I'll get to that later.

By the way the baby did fine in daycare. She seemed to know it wasn't Na Na's house and put on a pouty face. That didn't last long though because they had different toys to test out. Na Na will see her this weekend.

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jhwolf said...

I'm glad you are back and feeling somewhat better.

I have to agree the stained glass window quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors and effect.

Judy in MO