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Friday, June 27, 2008

Geeze, when will I get a break!

I was down to the last 5 inches of design on todays quilt when the storms hit. I lost electricity for the rest of the night and most of this morning. The wind yesterday was something! I lost this little tree in the front of the house. It wasn't a big concern though because it was pretty much dead anyway.

Sometimes the fabrics used in a quilt give me pause. I can't figure out how to quilt it. If I use a design then the pictures of the fabric is lost. Yet, it must be quilted. This is an example of what I mean. I'm not sure the designer of this fabric considered how it would be quilted and keep the beauty of the pictures.

After the power came back on again this morning; I finished the last small area; then loaded the next one on the machine; then came to my computer to make a post. This is the finished quilt.

I did baby rattles on the inside border. It was one single baby rattle that didn't get done when the storm happened. I did line dancing on the center pieced area.

Another view of the line dancing.

A view from the back showing the line dancing.

And a view from the back of how I quilted the outside border with the pictures. I used clear thread on the front and pink on the back. A simple outline along the top and bottom of the characters.

I'm not sure how much of the quilt on the machine will get finished today. I have another project that will take priority over working on a customer quilt. If I get the other project finished then I will get back to working at the machine.

What's the project? Paperwork..... yuck! It's some organizing I should have done weeks ago but couldn't get to it because of other circumstances. I have one simple paper to find among bunches and bunches of papers. A very necessary paper for the annual renewal of my mother's nursing home care.

I do have everything necessary for keeping papers filed..... I just didn't use them as I should have. When I'm extremely busy and running behind on the waiting list; or when I'm not feeling my best; I tend to stack up papers believing that I will get to those later.... only later get pushed back time and time again. So today I'm going to setup and test a solution to my paperwork problem.

Why work on this instead of a customer quilt? Simple really, if I'm not organized..... I can't quilt on schedule. I will spend far too much time looking for something than is reasonable. If I'm organized I should be able to find it, deal with it, then get back to work. Ok, what I mean is..... the less time I spend on other projects like locating papers for renewals, the more time I have for quilting.

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