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Friday, June 20, 2008

Bad threads

I had a double wedding ring quilt on the machine ready to start doing a stitch in the ditch when I realized this quilt was due first. So off came the double wedding ring and on went this one.

This one got line dancing on the blocks too. I really think it needs more quilting but I will let the customer decide. She usually doesn't like dense quilting.

This feather design is perfect for taming friendly piano key borders.

This heart design was just right for the triangle setting pieces.

A view of the line dancing on the blocks from the back. The loops are done on the block frames.

The double wedding ring quilt is back on the machine and I have stitched in the ditch on about a third of the rings. I have several other priority things to do today so I may not get back to it until Monday.

I think I'm going to have to find a new thread to use on my machine. Lately there have been many cones like this. The issue is not noticeable until I have used it for quite awhile. The issues are hidden near the middle of the cone.

In order to get past the issue I pulled off this much thread. I usually don't pull it off like this though. I usually wind a bobbin until I get to the bad part of the cone. I wanted to get a picture of what I would waste if I simply pulled it off. The cones are usable though it does get very irritating to have to stop right when I'm on a roll and deal with these issues.

I mention thread because today I'm doing a thread inventory. I may switch to a different brand when I buy this time. I have a cone of Bottom Line that I bought in Paducah. I really like how it looks on a quilt. If I switch to using it then I will have to start charging a fee. I'm not sure how my customers will feel about paying for thread when I've always furnished it free. I'll probably offer fee based thread as an option for awhile to see which is better.

A long time ago when I mentioned to another quilter that I use serger thread for quilting. She was appalled and told me that serger thread isn't good because it won't last over time. It will rot and start breaking. My response.... if serger thread doesn't last then there are going to be a lot of naked people walking around. My kids have quilts from 1981 when I first started machine quilting and used serger thread. They have been washed and washed but still look good. Now really.... I believe most quilters are not concerned about their top "lasting" because it gives them a reason to make a new one. I'm not talking about contest quality quilts.... I mean utility quilts.

I got the paper practice patterns printed and ready for class tomorrow. That wasn't easy because I had to sit at the printer pushing the print button over and over. My printer can't be set to do multiple copies. I used the waiting time for trying out the new features of Blogger. I like the blog lines feature. Now I have to find time for putting in the sites I visit most often.

I also received a call from the shop owner late last evening. The shop machine is back from the repairman. Yippie! Now at least people can actually play around with the machine too.

There is one more thing I want to put into my journal today. Everyone knows we have a crisis with oil these days. It's a lot like it was back in the 70's only worse than I remember. I happened to hear on the news that the oil rich countries are planning to produce more barrels of oil because...... (quote) they are afraid America will reduce it's dependence on oil. In my opinion that says who is really running this country. As long as we are dependent on the oil production.... we will always be ruled by the almighty barrel of oil and the ones who produce it.

I remember back in the 70's the young generation was big on alternative energy sources. Now that that generation is older and the same thing has happened again..... why is it that more isn't done to promote alternative energy again instead of screaming for more oil? Could it be because we forget a crisis too soon after it has past? Are the oil producing countries right? If they give us more oil will we forget and go back to our old ways of gas guzzling cars? Not me. I am more determined than I was back in the 70's to reduce my energy usage. I became a tightwad back then and I still keep the basics of that life with me today.

Well now.... I've stated my opinion.... time for me to get to today's work schedule. Maybe I can think of another topic to put into my helpful hints blog while working. Something to do with saving energy perhaps? Or maybe something about organizing? We shall see....

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