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Saturday, June 14, 2008

For those who have wondered where I've been..... both the baby and I have been sick with a virus. Just when she had been enrolled in daycare she came down with the virus and couldn't go. Poor little thing didn't understand a stopped up nose.... it was very frightening for her. It was frightening for me to see her choking because she couldn't breath.

It didn't take long for her to learn that the little blue bulb thing for cleaning out her nose actually made her breath better. Pretty soon she would give me a little smile and lay very still each time I used it. She is finally well enough to go to daycare starting on Monday.

I began feeling better Thursday morning. I still feel pretty weak so I'm taking a little extra time to get my strength back before starting to work again. Before I start quilting again I need to figure out where I am with the work. When I'm off my feet for several days I tend to forget where I was before. Thank goodness I write myself notes.

I'm even more thankful for wonderful customers who don't mind when I get so far behind schedule. So now that you know where I've been.... I'm off to the studio to figure out what is urgent and what can wait.

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