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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Well dang, I finished two quilts this week but when I went into my photos to post the pictures. Not there. I could swear I took the pictures.... don't know where could they have disappeared?

Well anyway, I have the next top on the machine. Its one of those time consuming cross stitch quilts. Not difficult to quilt, just takes extra, extra time because of all the stops and starts. It should take me about a week to finish it.

I had to take some me time over the weekend. Several things needed my attention so the customer quilts had to wait. I worked outside while the baby wasn't here. I found a nice box to hold my tomato plants while cleaning out a bedroom. I have to make it back into a bedroom instead of a quilt storage room so the other grandkids will have a place to sleep when they visit this summer.

I put up new strings for my vines to grow again this summer.

And I sat to watch the Red Baron fly by. You probably can't tell by the photo but this is one of those old time double wing planes like they had in the early days of flying.... and it's painted red. That's why I call it the Red Baron.

Not much else to talk about today. I'm exhausted from all the moving things around and going up and down a ladder. I'm not used to that much physical activity all at one time. Geeze.... I gotta get myself in better shape!

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