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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Special message to my local customers and friends:

I'm in the process of cleaning out one of my quilting storage rooms to make a bedroom for visiting grandkids this summer. There used to be some customers who would pick up boxes of scrap batting to be used in charity quilts. I think it was called the Cuddle Quilt Project or something similar. I do remember the group was in another county. I can't remember who it was that would pick up the batting though.

If any of my local customers are reading this blog and knows the contact person for that group or any other group willing to use this scrap batting please contact me. It would have to be someone willing to pick it up since I don't have a car.

Some of it has been pieced together and some is large enough for crib size quilts but mostly it's still long strips. I have far more than I can piece together and use myself.

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