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Sunday, May 11, 2008

More finished quilts. I've been working lots of overtime to try catching up on the work I'm behind on doing. Blogger does funny things when I download pictures. This is the last quilt finished. I only had to stitch around the embroidery since the rest of the quilting was already done by someone else.

I used mono thread.

This was the second quilt finished. I pulled out some of my older designs to use on this one.

A formal feather on the outside border, le lace on the inside border.

I don't know how to describe the stitching design on the blocks. They are a kind of flowery design.

Same thing in this one. The pictures should be click able to get a closer view.

This is the first one I finished. I wanted to do a golf ball and tee but they didn't look right when stitched. It kind of looked like wonky circles and pins. It was too many stops and starts too.

I opted to do generic designs of leaves and line dancing instead.

This shows the line dancing in the pieced stars.

I stitched a flying geese design on the middle border, leaves on the outside border, and a curl and leaf design on the inside border. I got the idea for the curl and leaf from the fabric used.

I have another small quilt up next. The small quilts give me a sense of accomplishment after a long week of one quilt only. I try to balance between a large difficult top and some smaller easier ones so that I don't get too frustrated with time getting away from me.

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