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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some mornings when I wake I take a few minutes to open my front door and stand outside on the porch. I think of it as early morning meditation before starting my day. Its very quiet and peaceful that time of morning. A quiet time when the neighborhood doesn't seem so bad. The late people have finally gone inside to bed and the early people haven't come out yet. I don't usually turn on the porch light because it would change the quiet mood.

Yesterday morning was one of the days I went outside. The air was just right for a spring morning. I stood there for a moment when suddenly I felt stinging all over my legs. Scared me. I went back inside (where there was light) to see what the heck was going on.

Eeeeeeeek! Ants! All over my slacks; inside and out. Hundreds of them! Biting or stinging me. I hurriedly took off my slacks, left them by the front door, and ran for the shower. Geeze... those things didn't want to let go even in water. Plenty of soap took care of them though.

Here's a couple of pictures to show you what I mean..... If the pictures aren't good... sorry... but I wasn't going to get any closer to take better pictures. I used the zoom to get the best pictures I could.

This is their annual migration and dividing of the nest as you can see from the ones with wings in this picture.

This migration will take place each morning for about a week then they will be gone until this time next year. The ants are only active at early morning. They start a couple of hours before daylight and continue until a couple of hours after the sun is up.

It took me over an hour to sweep up or step on all the ants inside the front door and the path I took running for the shower. I looked out the door this morning (with the porch light on) and they are there again. Thanks..... but no early meditation for me this morning.

Later in the day my daughter took me to the grocery. I bought my usual 6 months of stock up items. I usually go in March and September for the stock up trips. I held off until now instead of going in March hoping to save money.

Geeze..... I'm starting to hate these trips! I keep getting a big sticker shock. I thought I had trimmed my list down in order to save some money. Didn't happen. I spent just as much for far less than I did a few months ago. I guess it was a good thing I had trimmed down the list or I would have spent more than my budget would allow.

I wanted to buy a stand up mixer with bowl, a double boiler pot, some loaf pans, and a cookie sheet. Nope, can't afford those this trip. Maybe next trip. I did look at the cost. I hope to put these in my budget for the fall trip. If the economy gets a little better about that time.... well I can wish can't I?

I also passed on getting any fresh vegetables and fruits this time. I'll miss the apples and the bananas most of all. I always like to make fresh banana bread and apple pies after my grocery trips. I wanted to buy a couple of green pepper plants too but I couldn't afford those. I didn't go anywhere near the garden plants so I wouldn't be tempted to spend for what I can't afford.

Gee... I'm starting to sound like a pity me person. Not true! I'm just recording the trip in my journal for the grands and great grands to read someday. For them all the high gas problems and economy woes will be a part of history. I enjoy reading my grandmother's journal from just after WWll when there was rationing. Maybe someday descendants of mine will enjoy reading my journals about these economic times too.

Ok, I have a busy day ahead of me. All those groceries have to be put away somewhere..... but where? I also have a quilt on the machine to get started on and the baby will be here in just a few minutes. Time for me to stop journaling and go do some work.

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