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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another dream bites the dust.

Or as a friend once said.... another boulder is in the path I follow. I must take another direction, which will take me even longer to reach the goal. I'm not sure I have the strength in me to walk around this boulder or follow a new path.

My computer MUST be replaced. Unless I get a new computer I won't be able to create the patterns for the portrait quilts I want to make. My current computer doesn't have a slot for adding more memory. The current memory is not enough.... even after uninstalling almost everything I had on it.

Several years ago my computer was given to me when someone was upgrading to a new one. Instead of putting his old one into a landfill... he gave his old one to me. The windows version installed on it belongs to the old owner.... not me... so in effect it's considered pirated. Which means I can't install the service pack 2 that is required to run software for creating portrait quilt patterns.

The computer doctor offered to sell me another computer that would do what I needed... for only 600 dollars.... gee he might as well have asked for the moon. He said I could go onto the Dell website and get one for about 500 dollars and pay shipping.... again, asking for the moon.

When.... oh when.... will I stop torturing myself with this desire to create portraits in fabric!! Today as I work I will repeat a mantra..... stop torturing yourself.... give up the dream.... stop torturing yourself.... give up the dream...

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

If your computer's previous owner got a new computer, he got a new version of windows too. The version on the computer he gave you is now yours and is not "pirated." It's only pirated if the exact same windows disk was installed on a second computer while the first was still in use. There's no reason in the world you can't install sp2. And if your computer doctor told you that, he is just trying to sell you a new computer. I keep nine computers running in our library and two at home so I've learned the ins & outs of these machines, many the hard way. Good luck.