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Saturday, May 3, 2008

More clothing quilting

Today's finished quilt. It's the clothing quilt I pieced several days ago. The design was the customer's idea. He likes simple designs.

Clothing quilts can be challenging because there is such a wide variety of fabrics.

A simple design needs simple quilting.

You can see how this quilt was created on my helpful hints blog. It's a great way for a quilter to go green! While creating this morning's post, I realized I don't have a quilt for my own bed. I create quilts all the time for my own bed.

As luck would have it.... everytime I finish a quilt I believe will be for my own bed.... there is a birthday or a wedding or a charity in need of a quilt..... so I give them the one intended for my own bed.... before I get the chance to sleep under it. This doesn't look good! A professional quilter should have at least one quilt on her own bed. Even my furkids have quilts of their own. I gotta start another one for my bed.

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