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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sometimes the answer is no. You know how a kid will want something and ask the parents for it... they beg and plead... they act like it will be the end of the world if we don't give it to them.... they try to wear us down by begging over and over again so we will give in.... but because we are the parents.... we must say no sometimes and be firm about it. That's how it is for me wishing and wanting to get a new computer so I can create portrait quilts. I make my desires known to the wish fairy.... sometimes she says no. I beg and plead with more wishes..... but she stays firm and says no.

After thinking about it and repeating my mantra all day yesterday..... I realize it's probably best that I don't get a new computer right now. If I had a new one I would want to be creating instead of working. Creating is maybe money..... but the tops I have in my studio ready to be quilted are sure money.

You ever hear the saying..... your eyes were bigger than your stomach? That's the way it is for me and the portrait quilts. My desire is much bigger than my wallet. Besides, if I got started creating those quilts I'm sure I would be spending money on printer ink and printer paper and fabrics and other such things instead of saving for the needed repairs for my house. Yup, fate and the wish fairy sometimes have better wisdom than I do.

So on to a more pleasant post.... NaNa bought baby Jewell a new swing. Something to keep her occupied when she is bored. Oh, and check out the big hair on such a small baby.

This is her right after I put it together and tried her in it. Looks like she is thinking.... hmmm, what is this thing? Oooo..... a new toy on it too.....

I'm not really sure... but I'll give it a try. Let me give NaNa a half grin....

It kinda feels like NaNa's lap.... Ok, I'll give NaNa a big bubbly kiss..... (she is making kissing noises these days)

YUP, feels just like NaNa when she rocks me..... If I just turn a little this way.... and get really comfortable.... and hug my bear... I can take a nap. Swinging doesn't take long for her to go to sleep.

It gave me a little time to check on my tomato plants before going back to work. When I bought these plants they were only a couple of inches tall. Now they are about a foot tall. I hope one of these will provide shade for my porch as well as food as it matures. It's supposed to be a climbing cherry and should grow to about 6 foot tall. I'll post pictures of it now and then as it grows so you understand about the shade. The other is a yellow pear tomato. An old time variety. I didn't see a need for buying a special pot for these.... the bag works just fine. A few holes in the bottom for drainage is all that is needed.

Time to go to work now....

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