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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today's finished quilts. This one is crib size. It has bows on the solid blocks.

Little heart bears on the side triangles.

Flutterbys on the border.

Line dancing bows on the strippy blocks.

This one is a wall hanging.

Sometimes it's hard for me to see a continuous line path for the stitching so the quilt will have lots of stops and starts.

These pieces are very tiny.

Tiny pieces mean tiny designs. But... a leaf is a leaf and a feather is a feather no matter what size you draw it.

This is a much larger quilt. Can you believe this is the first quilt for this person? A really big challenge for a beginner. It has all the piecing of what I would consider advanced and difficult. I'm surprised at how well she pieced it for a first quilt.

In my opinion a beginner should not start with such difficult piecing. Most beginners don't understand the difficulty of working with bias. Almost every piece in this quilt has a bias edge. Bias is difficult to work with even for advanced toppers.

If this person does this well with a first quilt.... she will be a good one to watch as a show winner in the future.

See how well she did with the bias pieces of the center star? The very first one I did with side triangles wound up in the make something else out of it stash. Of course that was many, many years ago.

This one is a wall hanging.

Every strip has a different design on it.

With this quilt I was able to do some practicing of my border designs. I need more practice on the backtracking.

Near the end of the quilt I did kind of run out of different ideas. I may have to come up with some new ones and put them in my sketchbook just in case I get another one of these.

That's it for today. I may not post again for a few days. My computer is going back to the computer doctor today. This time to get more memory added. 512K just isn't enough anymore. I was told I could get it back by the end of the day.... but that rarely happens. There is always something to keep me from getting it back when they say.

This is the first step toward making the portrait quilts that I'm so anxious to create. The next step will be to save money for the picture cropping software. Then save for a new printer. One small step at a time.... will eventually get me to my goal. In the meantime, I best get into the studio and start on the next customer quilt.

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jhwolf said...

Love, love, love, the baby quilt Anita. You are such an inspiration!!

Judy in MO