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Sunday, May 25, 2008

I don't have any pictures of finished quilts today. I did get one quilt done on Thursday but it left here before I could take one of it.

The baby was sick on Friday. She has a virus infection with a fever and stuffy nose. She's too little to blow her nose so I stayed close enough to help her when she had trouble breathing. Needless to say I didn't get any work finished. She was more important.

Yesterday I let the machine sit idle while I tackled this room.... AGAIN! This is where everything lands until I have time to sort it all out.

There is more in this room than just fabrics. There is clothes someone gave me that fit. I still need to clean out the clothes from my closet that don't fit anymore before these can go in there. I think I've lost about 70 lbs. I also have some Christmas toys for the grands, a bin full of family photos and stuff, a couple of small tables I want to paint, some boxes I save for sending customers their quilt or to turn into nice storage boxes, etc, etc.

There is plenty of things under my design walls too.

Here it is. This is looking into the closet.

Here's a view of the room after I sorted it all out. The view into the closet.

And the view into the room.

The clothes that were too big have gone to the thrift store and new smaller ones took their place in my bedroom closet. Christmas gifts are wrapped and stored in another room. Boxes are either broken down and stored or setting in the kitchen waiting for me to make them prettier. Fabrics are sorted and folded. WIPs and PIGs are back in the right place. Batting scraps and some scrap fabrics were picked up by a charity group. Tshirt backs have been sorted into colors and stored ready for making into rugs. The tables are on the porch waiting for me to paint. So, everything is cleaned out and ready for me to start tossing things in there again because I don't take the time to sort.

On another note.... just about everyone who knows me personally can tell you that I am a very giving person. It's the main reason I do so much for charity and share by posting to my helpful hints blog. I will share new techniques I'm creating or let people see what quilt I am working on for myself. Last week my giving nature decided to bite me on the butt. What happened is very personal and definitely not something I plan to tell all over the internet or talk about with customers or friends. It's happened before and believe me... those bites on the butt are very painful.

I have decided it will be best if I keep my WIPs, PIGs, and new techniques hidden from view until after they have been finished. If it be a contest quilt I'm working on it will not be shown until it's actually in the contest. If I'm working on a new piecing technique I will not let it be seen until I've had a chance to perfect it. I'd like to be the one teaching it.

I moved all my current quilt projects out of my studio and into another room so they can't be seen by anyone coming into my home. I will only take them out when no one will be here but me. I'm keeping all posts to the helpful hints blogs as drafts until I've had the chance to get the most use out of them before sharing.

If anyone is tempted to email and ask what happened..... DON'T. I will not answer. If you want to send a note of encouragement..... PLEASE DO! Happy notes are most welcome right now.

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