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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What am I doing

Hmm.... cleaning out clutter and writing posts on my hints blog about it.  Also writing links for the link pages on the hints blog.  It's not easy to write links when my computer keeps clicking off the internet constantly.  It's such a hastle to get back on the internet every 5 or 10 minutes.  I gotta get a new mouse. 

I've been doing some cooking too.  I made Mounds candy bars with some recent discount bin finds.  I would have made Almond Joy but it's hard to make those without almonds.  These are a little messy looking but oh so good.

I've also been getting rid of mice (or baby rats).  If you look at the picture you might be able to see the one peeking out from behind the wall right below the water heater.  Yup, it's blurry because I was shaking after my encounter.  That's as close as I was going to get to take the photo.  It was bad enough these guys jumped out on the kitchen counter right when I was starting dinner a few days ago.  Very bold little dudes to help themselves to my dinner before I get it made.  Geeze!  I had to go change my underwear.  These guys wouldn't touch regular bait.  I had to resort to lye mixed with peanut butter and cooking grease.  I believe they are all gone for this year. 

Ladybug wanted to teach me to use a Ladybug (mouse) to play her computer game.  You move it like this Na Na.  Put the purple triangle on top of the blue triangle.

I helped her decorate their tree.

Then at my house I started teaching the art of dish washing.  We discovered water is fun with or without bubbles.

I have a quilt on the machine.  I'll get it quilted before Ladybug arrives today.  I hope to get 6 charity quilts done for some people at the nursing home where my mother lives.  These quilts are for people who don't have family.  I'm going to sign them as A. Nony Mouse as I've done in the past.  Gosh it feels so good to have time for charity instead of being stressed over deadlines. 


Accounting Service Tampa said...

Hmmm nice candy...i hope you got rid off the mice before Christmas and that little angel really enjoying the Christmas preparations.

Anonymous said...

Messy is OK, those candies look delicious. You're definitely not a hoarder, just a collector trying to figure out where everything should go. For years I threw away the selvage when I cut fabric, and I see Metaphor In Fabric make a beautiful fish quilt of selvage pieces. Why didn't I keep mine? It looks like you are well on your way of putting everything in its' place. N