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Saturday, December 4, 2010

This is better

Now that I've cleaned up this room a bit, it looks much better.  At least I can see everything is in a box instead of piled up in the middle of the floor.   This room was completely empty back in May of this year when my daughter and grand daughter moved into their new house.  Oh my, how things changed!

UFOs and many fabrics look much better when contained together.

Even the plastic drawer towers look better without all the STUFF piled up in front of them.

The cardboard is all sorted and ready to use for furniture and art crafts.

The other room is empty except for all my closet doors.  I'm going to paint all the closet doors before getting the handyman to rehang them for me.  This is the room I plan to start with in my organizing.

I've been playing around with colors trying to decide what I want in this room.  Of course, I've always believed it best to choose fabrics before choosing paint colors but it doesn't hurt to play around.  Just to get creative ideas going in my head. I really like this combination.  Cream color walls with white trim.  Jean gold and cinnamon accent colors.   White trim is what is in the rest of the house already. 

These are kind of nice too.   Blue walls and white trim.  Cream and cinnamon accent colors. 

I won't be buying any paint or fabric until my next shopping trip around the 15th or 16th.  Before buying anything I must decide what will be the function of this room other than a general description of storage/guest room.  What furniture will go in there?  What will be stored in the closet?  Will I do any crafts in this room?  What will be the theme of the room?  What lighting will I need?  I'll need a map of the room in order to play around with furniture ideas.   I do know the room is quite small.  If I remember right it's 7' X 8'.   Or maybe it's 8' X 9'?  The ceiling is 14' high. 

As you can see, I prefer to work from a plan.  With no looming quilting deadlines ahead of me, I can relax and enjoy the planning. 


Joan J said...

Wow! You got a lot accomplished in a very short time! Nice job. You're motivating me, though I will probably hold off on re-organizing my sewing room until after the holidays. I love your color choices - especially the first photo. The light blue in the second set just seems a titch off to me. But then, I take weeks to pick colors for new quilts, so what do I know? LOL Enjoy your weekend.

Anita Estes said...

Thanks Joan. Having mice (or rats) is a great motivator for me. You should see what I wrote on my almost daily journal blog to see the other things I've done the last few days. (smile)