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Monday, December 27, 2010

Office clean up

I couldn't wait to get started with simplifying my life. In the past I would be out the day after Christmas looking for bargains.  Not this year.... I have enough!  It wouldn't make any sense to go get more STUFF when I'm doing my best to get rid of a lot of what I already have.  There will be time enough to look for bargains later IF I think I need something.

I decided to start my 2011 house clean out with my office.  I really don't like doing paper work so I tend to put it off.  Well, this year, I figured since I really need to do the end of year reports and filing anyway, I might as well start my house clean out with what must be done.  So this is my office.  Yes, it's dark.  This was at about 4 am. 

I think this closet has been my office for about 20 years.  About once a year I straightened it.  Every year or two I made an attempt to clean it out.  Somehow not much got tossed.  It seemed like everything had a value so I saved everything year after year.  Looking up and to the left you can see dated boxes of papers and stuff.

Up and to the right you can see some of my books and genealogy binders.

Down below you can see more binders and other stuff.  Hmm... I wonder why I've been keeping the box for my 4 year old printer?  Gee what a mess my office is.

 I got started with the old papers.  I brought boxes of papers to the intake table to sort.  That's the place with the most room for spreading everything out, making stacks, and sorting.  I got out the paper shredder and went to work. 

It was kind of fun going through old waiting lists and remembering the people.  No reason to keep these anymore though so I shredded them. I had more than 15 years of waiting lists to shred. 

Next I went through lots and lots of notes I had made for myself as well as old reminder letters and stuff.

By the time I had finished I had 2 bags of old envelopes and 5 bags of shredded papers. 

The office is starting to look much better.  Empty I mean.  I'll paint in there eventually.  It will be after I've done the house clean out and decided which direction to go next. 

While I was busy going through old papers I kept thinking about the hoarder shows.  Often the people helping with a clean out don't want the hoarder to go through things.  Well, I would have hated to have someone tell me not to go through my stuff before it was shredded or tossed.  I found some valuable items while going through the papers.  Some of the papers I found were the birth certificates and death certificates for my sons.  I can't figure out why I had those in the office unless I was putting information into the genealogy files.  Those got put away with the family photo albums.

To be continued......


jillyヅ said...

Wonderful job!! I did what you are going now, back in September. I ended up with over 30 bags/boxes of stuff and PAPER that went out the door, and we are in a 1b/bath condo.

The more you do, the easier the tossing gets.

Your office does look empty and organized.


Anita Estes said...

Wow Jilly, 30 bags? Was that from the whole house or just your office?