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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting prepared

A quick post to let you know the weather is expected to bring us snow and ice tonight into tomorrow.  I really expect to loose power for a few days if we get what is predicted.  If you could travel around my neighborhood and see the number of electric line poles that are leaning.... ready to fall at any time..... you would know how certain I am about loosing power.  Many of the leaning poles are at a 45 degree angle and held up only by wires attached to other fixtures like buildings or lamp posts that aren't leaning.   Traveling around the neighborhood there is at least one leaning pole on every block.  Add ice on the leaning poles and you get the potential for lots of power outage.

I've been doing things to be sure I'm prepared if this weather actually does happen as bad as they say.  I'm completing tasks that require electricity first then getting to the other stuff.  First priority is to put away the foods I bought yesterday on my shopping trip.  I started on that this moring. 

So, if you don't see me post for a few days you'll know why.  I believe I'm prepared and this will be a test of how well I've done my homework. 

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