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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Charity quilts done

The mice are gone.  I remembered an old time remedy for getting rid of mice and tried it.  Peppermint.  I wrote about it on my hints blog.  I'm not sure if the peppermint or the lye and peanut butter mixture got rid of them.  Either way, I'm sure glad they are gone.   Actually, it should be peppermint oil but this is all I had at the time.

The six charity quilts are finished. 

Made from clothing.

Quilted with the circle lord baptist fan template.

Just a little bigger than lap sized.

Should be good for sitting in a wheel chair.

Now I'll wash to soften them up and get them wrapped.

I've been writing some posts on my helpful hints blog about the STUFF in my life.  If you don't see a post on here for a few days, check over there.  The link is on my side bar or here.  I'm starting my 2011 organizing a little early and talking about how my house accumulates so much. 


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