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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Ladybug weekend

I spent the weekend with Ladybug because the Mommie went out of town.  I forgot to take the camera.

We had a good time "cleaning" Mommie's house and cookng.  It's not easy to let children make messies while learning.  Her Mommie would have had a fit seeing what we did.  Well she was out of town and by the time she got back everything was normal.  Besides, these were the exact same ways she and her brothers learned when they were little.

Not many are willing to let children learn by creating extra work.  So I ask ya, what harm can it do to let a child wash dishes when you know you'll see lots of dish water land on the floor?  It mops up doesn't it?  What harm can it do teaching a child to mop a floor if the floor becomes a skating rink for a few minutes of fun?  Na Na taught Ladybug a thing or two about standing up on a wet floor.  Ha!  You need to hold onto the mop for balance.   Even falling became a game.   For her, not me.  My senior bones couldn't take that kind of fall.

Picking up toys became a game of toss it.  Before we knew it, all the blocks and little stuff was back in the bins.  Taking dirty clothes to the laundry room became a game of sliding down the basement steps on our bottoms with the clothes on our laps.  Shhh.... don't tell Ladybug but my bottom is quite bruised this morning. 

When my sons were little they discovered a soapy wet kitchen table and an empty plastic cup makes a great homemade version of an air hocky game.  I don't know if they remember that.  Probably not.

Ladybug tried her very best to pick up and carry a bag of trash so we could take it outside to the trash can.  When Na Na showed her the bag didn't have to be carried, it could be dragged behind her, her eyes lit up.  She felt very grown up taking out the trash for Mommie.  A little help from Na Na to open the trash can top and lift the bag was all she needed.

Mixing up a batch of muffins was no trouble.  A package mix, a little water, Ladybug learned to strir with a spoon then helped spoon it into a muffin pan.  She doesn't like blueberry muffins anymore so they were left for Mommie to eat.  Fish sticks and french fries from the freezer for supper became a counting game.  6 fish sticks for Na Na and 3 for Ladybug, one handfull of french fries for Ladybug, two for Na Na.  Everything onto a pan and into the oven.  Breaking eggs for breakfast got a little messy too.  She needs more practice to keep the egg shells out of the scrambling bowl.  Ladybug has a mean swing for cracking eggs. 

True, I did have quite a bit of cleaning up to do after the cleaning and cooking.  The fun we had was well worth it.  I hope I created a few memories while we were "cleaning" the house.   She probably won't remember this past weekend when she's older.  Not many people remember things from their age 2 experiences.  What she will remember is Na Na is fun.  After a long day of cleaning house Ladybug was ready for bed.  No trouble at all.  One bedtime book, a blankie in the hand, a thumb in the mouth, and it was restful sleep.   Na Na was exhausted so she fell asleep too. 

Today I've got to do something about cleaning my own house.   Mopping needs doing and laundry too.  Maybe Ladybug will help me when she gets here.  That might be fun for a couple of hours.  Hmm... maybe not.  I'm gonna have to find something not quite so active in order to rest up.  I'll think of something useful and quiet by then.

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Joan J said...

This made me laugh. I'm the same way with my grandson, who is now 4. My daughter comes in the house and rolls her eyes and says, "Umma never would have let ME do that!" She may be right. But I guess that's what grandmothers are for!