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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kitchen is next

I decided to move to a different area for the house clean out and leave the office for another day.  I could have kept working on the office but changed because I had some help for the afternoon.  I got out these sorter boxes I had in a closet.  I put a numbered label on them from 1 to 10.  I put these on the floor of the empty room.  This room is going to be my sorting area for a little while.  I'll create a list of what is in each box and use these for food storage until I come up with something better.

I put my helper to work clearing out the hard to reach cabinets.  Well, she is closer to the floor than me so it's easier for her to clean out bottom cabinets don't you think? 

Na Na carried the heavy bags to the sorting room where Ladybug unloaded them into the sorting boxes.  It really doesn't matter which box anything goes into for now.  I'll do a better sort after I do some major kitchen cleaning. The tops should keep the critters out if there are any more lingering around.

As a reward for all that hard work of climbing inside cabinets and putting food into sorting boxes it was time for a  tea party.  She really wasn't happy to have chocolate all over her hands.  She was saying eeeewww Na Na.

Later, after Ladybug went home, I moved the cabinets from the corner so I could do a thorough cleaning behind and underneath them.  You really don't want to see pictures of the black pellets left on the floor by wandering mice or rats.  I wish I had a better place to store those ladders.

You know how the hoarder shows always have photo close ups of the spiders and other creatures living in the hoarder houses?  Well, here's one of mine.  It's a black widow.  One of two that met their death by fly swatter.  It's finding critters like this that make me even more determined to keep going with my house clean out.

I did a really good cleaning in this area.  Washed walls, baseboards, and floor.  Then cleaned the cabinets inside and out.  Top and bottom too.  Everything got cleaned three times.  Once with bleach and soap.  A second time with peroxide and a third time with vinegar.  Any germs that might be left are surely doomed after all that cleaning.  

It was just a small area to clean.  It felt really good though. I put some cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil into each cabinet hoping to keep the mice and rats away.  Smells really good in the cabinets. I also put a box of Dcon and a box of Tomcat behind them too.  I'll not put anything back into the cabinets just yet.  The food can stay in the sorter boxes until I'm sure where I want things to go when put back. 

Critters really don't like clean places to live.  They prefer dirty, dusty, dark, and smelly places to set up homes.  If the critters live fairly well in an area then they leave a message to other critters before moving on.   Mice leave black pellets and urine, spiders leave their webs, and so forth.  Hopefully, a good cleaning and the smell of peppermint will tell all the critters my home is too clean for them to live.  Gosh, every time I walk near those cabinets it smells like candy. 

To be continued.....

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