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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The studio is clear

Well, I finally got something productive done.  My daughter moved what she could with her van.  Most of the boxes are at her house now.... but the beds and dressers are still here.  She'll go to her house after work and come here for bedtime.

I worked on a paperclip rug.  I stopped when I ran out of strips.  I'll have to find the fabric before I can cut more.

I managed to work on the door quilt for awhile.   At first I tried to be very careful with the quilting.  Then I decided...."done is better than good" so I just started getting it quilted without care if it's good or not.  It's only for me so it doesn't have to be perfect. 

Ladybug gave me a manicure while we waited for mommie to take boxes to the new house.

Then she gave herself a manicure.

We had asked lots of different men to help move her.  She offered to pay them.  There are "very lazy" men around here.  They do nothing but sit around and drink most of the time.  None have jobs.  They depend on their women to support them.  That's the getto life.  We don't know any teenagers who could help.

My daughter is going to use "Two guys and a Truck" moving service to get the rest of her things two weeks from now.  With some of her small stuff.... like clothes and dishes and computer..... moved to her house she can at least feel like she's living there.  She'll take more of the smaller things each day until she get's it all there. 

I can't spread out my things yet.  I have to wait until the bedroom furniture has been moved.  I'm glad that I can at least get into my studio and be a little creative.  The thought of two weeks without working in the studio was simply depressing.  Hmm.... I best get in there and do something before there's another problem of some kind.

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