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Saturday, May 8, 2010


I thought I would have another top quilted to show this morning but

this little guy had other plans for me.  When he ran across my bare feet, he scared the pee out of me!  It was a good thing I was sitting on the toilet at the time.  Geeze.....

How he got into my house is a mystery.  I couldn't let him simply stay and find his own way out because he might get into Ladybug's bed at night or Furkid Dylan might try to catch him.  I wasn't sure if he is poison or not.  So for about two hours I chased a lizard around the house trying to get a bucket over him.  I thought about just killing him with the broom when he finally cooperated and ended up under the bucket.  Then I had to slip a piece of plastic under the bucket to turn it over.  Uh... the plastic wouldn't cooperate so I taped the bucket to the plastic and then flipped it over.  I managed to get one photo before he climbed out and ran into the yard.  I think I'll be extra, extra cautious for awhile when I'm going to the bathroom. 

Ok, I'm going into the studio to finish that quilt this morning.  The customer wants to pick it up today because it's a Mother's Day gift.

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