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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The garden

I got my plants into the square foot garden yesterday.  It's not a lot but they make me very happy.  If I could, I would plant much more ,in even more square foot spaces.  I'll be glad to get a few tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.  That little bit will save me money.  I did plant a squash, broccoli, and eggplant.  I've never tried to grow those before.  I plan to get a couple of flowers when I go shopping again. 

You want to see why this is the only place where I could plant a small garden?

Here's the entrance to my backyard.  See the beginnings of the jungle?

This is just inside the gate.  This stuff is growing through the fence.  With the neighbor's fence there, I can't get to it to cut it.

This is farther along the fence.  More stuff growing through the fence.  The best I'll be able to do is cut what's on my side of my fence and what I can reach through it.

This is farther along the fence.  That's actually a tree branch that's grown so long it hangs near the ground.

This is at the end of that side of the yard.  See that tree?  It's probably a hundred feet high or more.  It's on their side of my fence but they built their fence on the other side of the tree.  So all the trees are in between both fences.

This is a view standing near my house and looking toward the back fence.  It's a view of the branches hanging near the ground. 

Here, I'm standing on the back side of the clothes line post.  See the tree branch?  It's grown so much it touches the ground.  It's not the same branch as the other picture.  This is a different one.

This is my cherry tree.  It's fighting with the other trees and bushes for a small bit of sunshine. 

This is looking up when I'm standing near the clothes line post.  Not much sun gets through all those branches. 

All these pictures were taken with the flash on.  Without the flash I couldn't get a good picture.  It's too shady.  Well, this area would be a nice place to go on very hot days.  It's very cool back there.  But..... dang gone it..... I would love to have a garden!   The jungle is too overwhelming for me.  There's no charity group anywhere that helps with overgrown yards.  No government group either.  All I can do is stand by helplessly and watch it grow worse every year.  Hmm... I wonder.... if a tree falls on my house during a storm.... whose responsibility is it?  The neighbors or mine?  Since the trees are in between the fences.... who owns them? 

Oh heck, I best get myself busy before I ponder too much.  It's stressful.


Anonymous said...

I think I would take some hand pruners and start clearing along the fence...then take some brush spray and make that stuff stay contained (off of your property). You could still have shade from the large tree, but not have all the brush coming thru the fence.

Jeanie in MO

lw said...

It might be that the city owns the trees between the fences, and if that's the case, you can ask them to trim them back. If not, they should at least be able to tell you who owns the land between the fences.

If you only plant one flower with your veggies, plant marigolds-- they repel some of the destructive insects.