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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have dirt

Yup, I finally got the compost and peatmoss for the square foot garden.  My brother took me.

Today is supposed to be a nice day so I'll try to get these plants in the ground.

Geeze, I didn't know plants were that expensive!  I guess it's like everything else.... the prices are skyrocketing.  Next year I'll start the plants from seed in my house.  I'm just doing what I can for this year.  If I only plant a few things it will help.  Next year I can do more.

Yesterday I started thinking about a fair entry.  I like to enter in the fine arts textile division as well as the quilting division.  I read the description for the textile art several times and I still can't understand it.  It's been rewritten and seems very confusing to me.  I'll have to call the fair board for an explanation before I know which department I can enter. 

Only a couple more weeks until I have my house to myself again.  My schedule can go back to the way it was 6 months ago.  Yippie!  I can work early or late without disturbing anyone's sleep.  Hmm.... I should be able to get a lot of creative work done just like before.  I can even catch up on reading the blogs of my friends and leisurely read emails once more.  I'll be able to post more often on both my blogs. 

Ok, those plants are not going to get themselves planted.  I best get started on it.  I need to finish the planting  and start on a customer quilt.  I'll have to take my door quilt off the machine and set it aside for awhile.  I have until winter to finish it so there's no hurry. 

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lw said...

I'm glad to see you got your plants ready to go-- and that your daughter now has her own place!

I usually plant from seed (not much frost by the beach in CA) and I only use some of the seeds at a time. The rest go into a glass jar in their original packets and stored in the back of the fridge. I sometimes have snap pea seeds last for 5 or 6 years, because I only plant what I need.