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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Decluttering the bedroom

It feels like a bedroom again!  I've been busy clearing out the stuff that had been stored in my bedroom while my daughter and grand-daughter were here.

There's still some work that must be done in here, like putting the closet doors back up and taking out the bookshelves, but it feels so much more comfortable. 

My daughter bought me a new mattress set.  I need a step stool in order to get into the bed now.  What was she thinking?  My bed was already high with a regular mattress set.  It's an antique.  They were made higher back then.  Now the bed has what is called a pillow top set.  Both the mattress and box springs are double the height of the old set.  Actually, a 3 step stool would be better so I'll have to buy one.

My bedroom may be cleaner.... the formerly empty room isn't empty anymore.  Only for a short time though.  There is still some things of my daughter's in the other room.  When she gets that out then I can put my quilting stuff back into that closet like it was before they moved in. 

Before I go putting furniture in these two rooms I'm going to finish the painting that didn't get finished last year.  I didn't finish the trim around the windows and the doors.  After that I'm going to get the window quilts made and hung.  See.... I'm not quilting.  I'm taking ME time.  Maybe I'll spend a little time blog visiting now.  I haven't done that in awhile.


Anonymous said...

All mattress/box spg sets seem to be very thick now-a-days. I bought a new set a few yrs back and remember feeling like I needed a step stool to get into bed. Now I'm used to it and its really nice when I'm down in my back....I can just roll out & stand up!! Enjoy your new freedom!
JW in MO

Anita Estes said...

Thanks JW.

I'm 5 ft tall. The top of the mattress is 32" from the floor. That's almost as tall as the kitchen cabinets which are 36". It's like I'm climbing onto the kitchen counter to go to bed at night and jumping off in the morning to get up.

lw said...

That sounds kind of dangerous, like falling off a top bunk. I'd be tempted to either modify the bed frame or lose the box springs.