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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Derby is over!

I got  the two roses done.  I haven't decided on a binding yet. 

They turned out better than I thought they would.  What do you think of them?
These look better in person. 

I decided not to stretch them on frames.  I can think about doing the other three after I get a couple of customer quilts finished.

Yesterday I was thinking about trying to do portraits.  I've wanted to do them for a very long time.  I missed out on going to Lexington in March for a class on portraits.  I decided it was time to schedule and attend her next class now that I have much more time.  I called the quilt shop in Lexington where the class is taught and guess what.... I happened to call while there was a portrait class going on.  Too far away for me to get there in time but I talked with Julianne.  I plan to go to her next class whenever it's held.  Even if I have to walk there!  Just kidding, I'll rent a car for the day.  Now that I have the time, I'm planning to work extra hard at learning the portrait techniqes.  I guess that means I should study photoshop elements a little harder.  It still seems very complicated but it must be learned.

The Derby is finally over thank goodness.  Now maybe I can get a good night's sleep.  I don't bet on the Derby but I always choose a horse I believe will win.  This time I was right.  Most times I'm wrong.  Did I ever say that my son is a horse trainer?  He trains walking horses.  I believe he has 4 horses of his own and always has some there in training.  His horses are not walking horses.  They are rescued horses.  He got them from an animal shelter.  I think they were about to be put down when he went to get them. 

Ok, I guess I better see what work I can get finished before Ladybug gets home. 

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FoulkeArt said...

Beautiful quilting, and I LOVE the background!
You go, girl!!!