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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yes, I AM working

Not much to blog about today. I spent almost all of yesterday weeding through my emails. Geeze, there sure are a lot of them when the computer is gone for several days. After deleting out a ton of junk mail I answered as many personal messages as I had time for. I'll answer a few more tomorrow. Sending an instant email may be faster but the writing takes awhile. The writing takes just as much time as if I sent them by snail mail.

Then I spent a little while checking in on my favorite blogs. Lots to catch up on there. Reading takes time too.

I am working on putting my roses together. I'm always in my studio working by about 3 am. These days I do quiet things so I don't wake up Ladybug and Mommie before 6:30. Piecing or designing is quiet work. I think I should have the roses together by the end of the week and then I'll have to decide on the next steps. I'm not sure what those steps will be. I haven't quite decided on the backgrounds or the quilting.

Today my SIL will be here for me to help her with her quilts. I won't get much done for myself. She requires my full attention. Lots of hand holding and explaining each step of her quilts. Even then, I see her struggling to understand. I think I hear her getting out of the car now. Later.....

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