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Friday, February 26, 2010

I got ALOT done

Ok, I can't show the art quilt I finished but I can show one small section. I can't show the whole thing until April. This is the planet quilt. How do you think the planet quilt is held together?

With stitches of course.

I finished this one too. It's the quilt with the star that I used for a "piece it backwards" project.

It has one very big star in the center.

I won't show every single block but they all got various forms of line dancing on them. Except for the center star. It got straight lines on the star and meandering stars around it.





As you saw, line dancing takes many forms. This is the border design.

How it looks on the corners.

I forgot to take pictures of the three baby quilts I quilted for my SIL today. I don't know if I'll work anything this weekend. I usually can't do much with Ladybug home. Besides that though Ladybug and I are both running a slight fever and sneezing a lot. I'm hoping it's nothing too serious or lingering. When I'm on a roll like this I don't want to stop and be sick. Know what I mean?

So ok, I'm going to finish dinner then take some preventive meds and get to bed early. With luck this fever and sneezing stuff will be gone by morning.

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lw said...

I like that the stitches on your planet quilt look like little antennas or solar arrays.

I recently finished a baby quilt with the alien from Toy Story as the principal fabric. Next to the label, I put a printed muslin photo of the James Webb Space Telescope, which is what I'm working on right now (and will be until it launches in 2014.)