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Monday, February 8, 2010

Do hens hate being wet?

Not much to blog about today. I slept through most of it. I can't get much done the rest of the day because Ladybug is due home from day care pretty soon.

Actually, I'm as mad as a wet hen right now. (No chickens really don't like being wet.) After Ladybug's birthday party, Not the mommie picked her up for a visit. That's ok except he decided to bring her home last night at about one in the morning and she hadn't had any sleep. Geeze!!!! Didn't his mother teach him anything? Two year old children should NOT be kept up until one in the morning. Children need their rest or they get sick easily. Ladybug already gets sick easily so this is definitely not good for her.

I stayed up to wait for her since my daughter had to get some sleep for working. Not the mommie decided not to answer his cell phone either. I called him several times to find out when she would be home. He said it wasn't charged up so he turned it off. A common excuse for him. I guess he doesn't know I've seen his car charger.

Now my daughter has to figure out how to deal with Not the mommie. She doesn't want to stop him from seeing Ladybug and at the same time doesn't want him with control of what time at night he brings her home. I wish I could say this is a first time offense but it's not. This kind of thing happens every time he takes Ladybug for a visit. Almost as if he does it deliberately to make my daughter angry. Using Ladybug as a pawn to hurt the Mommie is not good either.

Maybe something can be worked out in court.... IF the case ever gets to court. Mommie has been waiting about 8 months just to get the case assigned a child support court case number. If it takes that long just to get a number.... how long will it take to get to actual court?

Ok, I gotta stop feeling angry and do something positive! I think I need more sleep so I'll be going to bed early. We are expecting snow tomorrow. It's supposed to be a big mess right about rush hour so my daughter and Ladybug will most likely stay home. My daughter will work from home and I'll entertain Ladybug. Won't get any quilting done tomorrow either. Hmm... maybe make some home made play dough or finger paints? I don't know.... something will come to me when I need it.

If we should loose power, I'm ready. Yea! I'm so glad I bought the gas stove when I did. I won't use it for heat because I do have a kerosene heater for that. The gas stove will be for cooking. I couldn't cook the last three times we lost power for several days. Hmm.... not exactly true. I did use my hobo cookstove to warm up canned soups but it wasn't the same as real cooking. Ok, time for me to go cook something. My stomach tells me I need to eat.


Anonymous said...

Make sure you are keeping a written account whenever you think something isn't in the best interest of Ladybug, like the late hours. Written proof is the best way to show your side of the story.

Anita Estes said...

Oh yes, mommie does keep a log book of things she may need in court. SET times for visits with not the mommie are a priority for her.